Step-by-Step recently merged with Boundless, formerly known as Franklin County Residential Services, a private not-for-profit organization which provides direct services and residential options for intellectual and developmentally disabled individuals throughout Central Ohio.

Effective April 2017, Franklin County Residential Services, Inc. has split into two non-profit corporations named ‘Boundless, Inc.’ and ‘Franklin Management Services, Inc.’ Boundless will focus on the day to day program operations and services; and Franklin Management Services will focus on much of the business operations, including fiscal services, property acquisition, leasing, etc. Step-by-Step officially merged with Boundless on May 1, 2017. The organization is headquartered at the former Harding Hospital site in Worthington. Facilities at this location are being renovated to suit the newly expanded service provider.

News release and fact sheet
Step-by-Step brochure

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