Park Projects

Update on Snouffer Road Park Project:

The Parks crew is almost finished with the Snouffer Mound project. There is a small amount of grading on Snouffer 1 and 3 and trees to plant. Cleanup on the hard surfaces and sodding around all of the mounds will be done in the early spring.

Snouffer Rd. Park Mound Renovation and Reforestation Project

Snouffer Park was constructed with landscaping mounds around both ball diamonds and along certain paved areas in many cases with trees planted on top of them. While initially aesthetically pleasing, over time these mounds have proven to be extremely problematic from a maintenance and safety standpoint.  

Some of the trees planted were Dogwood Trees and they died within the first few years after planting. The Maples that were planted on the mounds were planted in two separate rows creating much too dense of a tree canopy to maintain turf. The other challenge to maintaining turf is the slope of the mounds. The mounds were constructed with too much slope and are not maintainable with our mowing equipment.

These issues have created a safety issue that has continued to worsen each year due to eroding soil washing onto the walking paths and dugout areas of the park creating an extremely slippery and dangerous condition.

We have looked at many different options to fix these issues such as adding retaining walls or utilizing mulch. At this point, we have determined the only way to permanently fix the issues and remove the safety hazard is to remove the trees on the mounds and regrade the slope to something that will be maintainable.  

The scope of the project will be…..

1) Removal Of Existing Trees

2) Remove stumps and existing soil down to a maintainable grade.

3) Plant New Row of trees down the middle of each mound.

4) Final Grade and Sod

As part of the project scope we will also be planting new trees on the mounds as well as other areas within the park. Due to the large number of Ash Trees in the park we will be planting new trees in the center island, Snouffer Rd. Boundary, along the creek, and other misc. spots throughout the park. Tree species have not yet been determined.

The project will begin in early December 2017 and will conclude by the January 2018. There will be no interruptions in diamond use.

Snouffer Diamond 2 has 6 existing trees that will remain and Diamond 1 has 4, so there will be some larger trees remaining for shade.

During the Fall we will also be removing the invasive species along the creek bed removing debris and opening up vistas between the two park locations.

We will be using a combination of parks crew staff and contractors to complete the work.

For any questions and additional information please call Scott Brown at 614– 348-2426.

Perry Park Multi-Use Trail Resurfacing

This project is complete.

Godown Dog Park Parking Lot Resurfacing

Paving and striping is complete, and the park is open. There is still some earthwork to be completed, but it will not interfere with use of the park.